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Schematic diagram of DFG generation tool

Schematic diagram of DFG generation tool

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In this paper, DFGenTool, a dataflow graph (DFG) generation tool, is presented, which converts loops in a sequential program given in a high-level language such as C, into a DFG. DFGenTool adapts DFGs for mapping to Coarse Grain Reconfigurable Architectures (CGRA) to enable a variety of CGRA implementations and compilers to be benchmarked against a...

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... goal of this work is to design a DFG generator tool that is 1) open-source, 2) works for multiple high-level languages, 3) adapted to CGRAs, 4) independent of the characteristics of a particular CGRA chip, 5) outputs results in a popular stand-alone format, and, 6) is easily expandable. Figure 1 shows the schematic diagram of the DFG gener- ation tool from high level C/C++ code to the dataflow graph output. The tool is composed of four parts. ...