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Schematic depicting the domain of Geocentric orbits.

Schematic depicting the domain of Geocentric orbits.

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A novel indirect-based trajectory optimization framework is proposed that leverages ephemeris-driven, "invariant manifold analogues" as long-duration asymptotic terminal coast arcs while incorporating eclipses and perturbations during the optimization process in an ephemeris model; a feature lacking in state of the art software like MYSTIC and Cope...

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... the name suggests, a spacecraft in this orbit would orbit the Earth at a faster angular rate than the Earth's rotation rate near perigee, and slower at apogee. The orbits in this domain typically have a somewhat larger apogee than a GTO, as shown in Figure 5. Table 1 lists the orbital elements for the two orbits of the sGTO category selected as the initial orbits for the representative problem. ...