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SDN architecture with separated control and data plane.

SDN architecture with separated control and data plane.

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Today’s mobile and wireless network are growing faster in size and complex to measure the services. Security is one of the most important aspects for such complex network and needs to be monitored properly to provide early detection of security breaches and Denial of Service attack. Tools that measure such detection of network threats and monitors...

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... Networking (SDWN) assures simple and scalable network architecture and effective mobility management of the IP networks. The Software Defined Wireless Network- ing (SDWN) programmatically centralizes and separates the control plane (aka. Network OS) from the data plane (aka. Forwarding plane). A conventional architecture of SDN is illustrated in Fig. 1. The southbound interface is a medium between the control plane and data plane while northbound is layer between application plane and control plane. The south- bound interface trains the controllers to collect information about Mobile Nodes (MNs) and transmits and receives packets to and from MNs using SDWN elements ...


... 3 sFlow sFlow helps to monitor the network, that develops various ways of handling the traffic flows, and to improve the performance of the network which consist of switches and routers. sFlow [12] is an open-source sampling tool used for measuring the traffic which is compatible with OpenFlow network. It consists of sFlow agents and collector. ...