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-Records of necrophagy by amblypygids around the world.

-Records of necrophagy by amblypygids around the world.

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Necrophagy is a feeding strategy in which animals feed on carrion; most scavengers are facultative and can also be predators or consumers. For amblypygids, necrophagy is a poorly documented phenomenon and there are literature records of individuals of three different species feeding on dead bats inside caves. In the present note, we document for th...

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... general, the diet and feeding behavior of amblypygids are poorly documented in nature (Weygoldt 2000;Chapin & Hebets 2016). There are only four published records of necrophagy by three different species of amblypygids (Table 1), all belonging to the family Phrynidae, feeding on dead bats (Peck 1974;Armas & Abreu-Collado 1999;García- Rivera et al. 2009;Prous et al. 2017). ...