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Recognition of the commissioning of graffiti in the Maboneng precinct.

Recognition of the commissioning of graffiti in the Maboneng precinct.

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Graffiti is a controversial subject and fraught with ambiguities and contradictions. However, the recent global success of artists such as Banksy, Melbourne’s booming graffiti tourism, and the rise of the ‘creative city’ discourse, have blurred the lines between what some regard as vandalism and some as public art. As such, graffiti has increasingl...

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... Mama Africa and Nelson Mandela are well placed for visibility along the raised flyover coming down from the M2 highway. This can be seen in the Google Earth image (Figure 53) simulating the experience of drivers on the flyover. Thus, the branding and the identity of the area are announced for the public, even for those not physically in the neighbourhood. ...

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Economic growth can occur within a monolithic, grey urban environment, allowing for decaying facades and deteriorating public spaces. Where artists provide a colorful facelift to urban infrastructure, cities learn to channel the creative capacity of street art. The public good aspect thereby becomes significant in street art’s dimension of wide acc...


... Although it was influenced by the rising hip-hop counterculture in the United States in the 1970s, the South African underground art and hip-hop movement has a history of its own and has developed distinct characteristics. It is believed to have emerged in Cape Town, considerably, as a form of political protest against the social injustices of the Apartheid regime and soon spread across the country, adorning countless buildings in the cities of Durban and Johannesburg (Parker, A., Khanyile, S. and Joseph, K., 2019). The expansion in context and rise in popularity of the art form has allowed it to become a multifaceted medium of cultural expression that visually represents the unique character of its urban context. ...