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Question 5 of the FPCA form showing the choice to receive a ballot through email

Question 5 of the FPCA form showing the choice to receive a ballot through email

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The State of Indiana currently manages a vote by email system for overseas and military residents in all state and federal elections. This system, which requires voters to waive their right to privacy, introduces several problems which impede traditional pillars of modern democracies, namely ballot secrecy and electronic privacy. This paper explore...

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... request a ballot to be delivered by email, a voter must first fill out and email the Federal Post Card Application (FPCA) form to their county voting board [17]. Figure 1 shows the question on the FPCA form where the voter is given the option to receive the ballot by email. Once the relevant election board receives the request for an email ballot, they send via email the following documents: ...

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The use of location-based solutions has improved significantly over the last few years. However, data encryption has become very important to maintain confidentiality and privacy, especially in the military and civil fields. This paper will present an application that encrypts data on the location and movements of military personnel or civilian res...


... Many states, for example, permit variations of voting by e-mail whereby a voter receives his/her ballot via e-mail and then, depending on the state, can return the marked ballot by mail, fax or e-mail. Several states also offer an online portal to distribute and receive votes (Thompson 2018). It is important to point out this loophole to illustrate limitations of current approaches. ...