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Proposed Framework

Proposed Framework

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Recent years have seen an increasing adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) devices in residential homes. Most IoT devices are connected to the Internet through home router for cloud-based services or remote access. While its becoming more challenging to deliver the large amount of IoT data, security is ever prevalent within network environment of Io...

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... proposed framework (as seen in Figure 1) provides an example of the functional sections involved. The initial step for this scenario is a IoT device being switched on and connecting to the home router, going through the basic steps such as acquiring an IP address. ...

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The emergence of a new network architecture, known as Software Defined Networking (SDN), in the last two decades has overcome some drawbacks of traditional networks in terms of performance, scalability, reliability, security, and network management. However, the SDN is vulnerable to security threats that target its controller, such as low-rate Dist...