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Predicted relationships between independent variables

Predicted relationships between independent variables

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Failure can be a feared or even fatal stumbling-block for many individuals and businesses but can also be the hallmark of a successful entrepreneur or enterprise. Whether failure becomes an insurmountable obstacle or a refining challenge depends largely on an individual’s behavior after a failure. This study examined the effects of goal orientation...

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... relationships between goal orientation, PsyCap, and motivation are complex and convoluted (see Figure 2). Within each variable there are feedback loops wherein an individual's initial disposition is both an antecedent to and a consequence of past results and performance feedback (Van Yperen & Renkema, 2008). ...

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The ability to generate appropriate responses, especially in social contexts, requires integrating emotional information with ongoing cognitive processes. In particular, inhibitory control plays a crucial role in social interactions, preventing the execution of impulsive and inappropriate actions. In this study, we focused on the impact of facial e...