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"Pink M.24 Chaffee Tank." Copyright permission granted by Marianne Jorgenson. 

"Pink M.24 Chaffee Tank." Copyright permission granted by Marianne Jorgenson. 

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... Hippies, as the Beat Generation and the New Left had been before, were prototypes of... "an expressive social movement" (Hall 164), what prompted the development of a revolu- tion instead of imposing ...
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... April 2006, Danish artist Marianne Jorgensen created a yarn bombing war pro- test against the US, British, and Danish in- volvement in the Iraqi war, covering in yarn a World War II tank that she borrowed after much negotiating with the Danish govern- ment. Titled Pink M.24 Chaffee Tank, the in- stallation was made up of more than 4,000 15 X 15 cm pink crocheted and knitted squares donated by more than one thousand contrib- utors from the United States and European countries that were then assembled together and fit over the borrowed WWII combat tank. (See Figure 1.) These squares of various crochet and knit- ted patterns "represent a common acknowl- edgement of a resistence to the war in Iraq" ("Pink"). Catherine Mazza notes that "When pieced together from numerous individual contributions, as many knitted protest pro- jects are, the works become a sort of hand- crafted petition" (qtd. in Gohil). Unlike a written petition, however, on which one signs one's name in seconds, the making of squares takes time and commitment and labor. As Betsy Greer says of another yarn bombing in- stallation, "It's easy to ignore a petition, but not so easy to ignore a massive sea of blue squares that blocks your path and leads you to wonder what its purpose is." (Knitting 109). Likewise, here it is hard to ignore a soft, pink draped war tank. The piece was displayed between April 7 th and 11 th in 2006 in front of the Nikolaj Contemporary Art Center in Copenhagen. Ele Carpenter points out about this protest, This symbolic transformation of military hard- ware into an object of comic irony seeks to dis- arm the offensive stance of a machine justified by its defensive capability. Whilst the sinister Trojan undertones of disguising a real weapon as soft and fluffy lead us to review the deaths from 'friendly' fire, as well as the women and children who suffer the largest percentage of deaths in most conflicts. Activist craft has many forms of symbolism and disguise. … [M]ost importantly the Pink M.24 Chaffee enables, or should enable, an alternative critical discourse about global militarism (Carpenter ...
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... [those who conform the establishment culture], hate anything that's not right for their way of living... [this is why we like to blow their minds]... When you walk into a place where peo- ple can see you, you want to look as repulsive and repugnant as possible... We're bastards to the world and they're bastards to us... We fight soci- ety and society fights us (Thompson ...