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Percentage improvement in pain (n=19).  

Percentage improvement in pain (n=19).  

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Group acupuncture sessions set up as a drop in for patients with chronic MSK Pain. Evaluation reveals pain relief, reduced medication load, and high levels of patient satisfaction

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... a score of about 30 here because of the fact that the patients who attend the group are commonly suffering from long- term complex pain problems. However, the responses given cited a range of scores between 50% and 95% (average score=76%), suggesting that attendance is significantly easing the inten- sity of the pain that the participants suffer (Fig. ...


... A recent study evaluating acupuncture for chronic pain in geriatric patients found that an average of five treatments were required before there was a significant reduction in pain (Couilliot et al. 2013). With these restrictions in mind, one option that some practitioners employ is offering group or multi-bed acupuncture treatments to make better use of limited resources (Asprey et al. 2012;White et al. 2012;Waldock 2013). ...