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Parthenon, West pediment reconstruction from reference [2.8]. 

Parthenon, West pediment reconstruction from reference [2.8]. 

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A novel view of the Parthenon’s structure is taken in this paper. Instead of analyzing the Parthenon’s final configuration, either in its various reconstructions or in its current condition, the study draws the Temple’s 3-d skeletal structure. Based on that sketch plan, the Parthenon’s modulus and its grid pattern are derived. In closely examining...

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... angle at the top of the pediment is about 154.6. This result is directly derived from the Parthenon's façade reconstruction, shown in Figure 3.4, p. 35, in reference [1.1], among a number of other reconstructions available in the literature, see for example that outlined in [2.7] and [2.8] the reconstruction of the West pediment shown in Figure 5. In this reconstruction, the top angle of the pediment is about 155, directly implying that the two base angles of the tympanum triangle are about 12.5. ...