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Overview of research process in the extraction phase.

Overview of research process in the extraction phase.

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To support decision-making during the business model innovation process, researchers have investigated approaches for evaluating business models. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) related to business models can play an important role in evaluating the performance of business models, as they reflect the decisions and activities that drive the critic...

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... these libraries, we conducted a title, abstract, and keywords search using the specified search string, which resulted in an initial set of 812 studies (as of 20-Sep-2021). Figure 1 provides an overview of the process we followed in the extraction phase, where we systematically extracted relevant information from our initial set. As some studies were present in more than one of the selected libraries, we first eliminated 223 duplicate studies. ...
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... the early phases of business model design, KPIs and their associated values often take the form of qualitative statements, based on the intentions and expectations of the focal organization's management ( Gilsing et al., 2021b). These qualitative KPIs are then concretized when the newly designed business model is implemented (Heikkilä et al., 2016). Subsequently, KPIs are used in ex-post realization to monitor and control the performance of the new model, based on the concrete KPIs and their expected values ( Terrenghi et al., 2017;Wirtz et al., 2016). ...