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Openness Based on the CC License (Abeywardena, Raviraja, & Tham, 2012). 

Openness Based on the CC License (Abeywardena, Raviraja, & Tham, 2012). 

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The open educational resources (OER) movement has gained considerable momentum in the past few years. According to the Paris OER Declaration, OER can be defined as “teaching, learning and research materials in any medium, digital or otherwise, that reside in the public domain or have been released under an open license that permits no-cost access,...


... In the popular media, OER are also referred to as "open-source materials" or "open-source textbooks". 3 Equivalent terms for OER in other languages which need to be taken into account when researching this phenomenon across countries in the Global South include "recursos educativos abiertos" (REA) (Betancourt, Celaya & Ramírez, 2014) or "recursos educativos digitales abiertos" (REDA) (Sáenz,Hernandez & Hernández,Chapter 5 4 ) in Spanish; "recursos educacionais abertos" (REA) in Portuguese (Amiel, Orey & West, 2011); "sumber pendidikan terbuka" (SPT) in Indonesian (Abeywardena, 2015); and "Боловсролын нээлттэй нөөц (Bolovsroliin neelttei nuuts)" in Mongolian (Zagdragchaa & Trotter,Chapter 11). ...