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ODIN Configuration. 

ODIN Configuration. 

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Following the success of Virtuoso at last year's Mighty Storage Challenge - MOCHA 2017, we decided to participate once again and test the latest Virtuoso version against the new tasks which comprise the MOCHA 2018 challenge. The aim of the challenge is to test the performance of solutions for SPARQL processing in aspects relevant for modern applica...

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... Virtuoso configuration parameters are available at Github 7 . The task organizers specified the benchmark parameters for this phase and the values of these parameters are shown in Table 1, while the achieved KPIs for our system are presented in the Table 2. Task 2 -Data Storage: This task uses the Data Storage Benchmark (DSB) and its goal is to measure how data storage solutions perform with interactive, simple, read, SPARQL queries as well as complex ones, accompanied with a high insert data rate via SPARQL UPDATE queries, in order to mimic real use-cases where READ and WRITE operations are bundled together. It also tests systems for their bulk load capabilities [6]. ...