Normal Volunteers' Experience with Tourniquet in Arm

Normal Volunteers' Experience with Tourniquet in Arm

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Background : The purpose of this study is to illustrate whether the electro-cauterization and transient tourniquet enhanced efficiency of local anesthesia with epinephrine in surgery of metacarpal fractures. Methods : Forty-four consecutive cases of metacarpal fractures with estimated major operative time more than 30 minutes were enrolled. Local a...

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... was told the experimental aim and no permanent harm in advance. The lapsing time and feeling at some stage were record (Table 2). Descriptive statistics was used to collect and analyse the results. ...
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... volunteers' experiment of small cases (two authors included, Table 2) with arm-tourniquet inated to 250 mmHg being conducted, we subjectively obtained our own feeling during whole procedure as followed. Sensation and movement of the distal zone to the tourniquet gradually disappeared from the proximal part to the distal end. ...

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Background The use of a tourniquet has become widely accepted as standard practice during total knee arthroplasty (TKA). There are conflicting outcomes in using a tourniquet during TKA. This brings to question the role a tourniquet has in TKA. Therefore, we conducted a retrospective cohort study to examine the effects of TKA with and without the us...