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Node grid used for spatial and temporal discretization.

Node grid used for spatial and temporal discretization.

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To tackle the growing demand for grid-scale energy storage, the ALPHEUS project proposes a novel low-head pumped hydro storage system aimed for coastal application in countries where the topography does not allow for traditional high-head storage. This system consists of a reversible pump-turbine technology with two contra-rotating runners coupled...

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... are obtained simultaneously along the spatial dimension and consecutively for the temporal steps. The resulting grid of nodes is illustrated in figure 1. The temporal increments are indicated by the subscript i and the spatial by j. terms can now be replaced by ...
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... variable speed power take-off is chosen due to its improved flexibility and efficiencies across a wider range of operating conditions (Vasudevan et al. 2021). The proposed system uses direct-drive transmissions : Modelling Domain for CFD comparison, including hub, struts and runners. ...