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Message exchange for the changing activity state process.

Message exchange for the changing activity state process.

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Audio conferencing is an important aspect of Internet Telephony services. In this article, using a centralized conferencing architecture, we propose to employ application layer multicast for media distribution, by using "agents" responsible for the delivery of streaming media to end-clients, aiming at reducing the traffic in the network and the ser...

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... transition from one state to the other is part of the Agent competences. The mechanism used to detect the changes will be explained later in this article. The message flow works as follows (see Fig. ...

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In this paper, we have implemented the emulated multipath OpenFlow network with splitting and middle-box functionalities for investigating video buffering effects on packet delay and jitter performance for an RTP video streaming session. The mininet emulator is used to construct the multi-path OpenFlow network. The network consists of a video serve...