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Machine readable and human readable formats.

Machine readable and human readable formats.

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Data validation is one of the cornerstones of the production of official statistics. Data needs to be validated and the outputs of the possibly numerous validation checks, reported in some way need to be studied and processed. Especially in the case of cross-organization validation, where both a data producer and a data receiver check the same data...

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... make the standard applicable in machine to machine communication contexts as well as in human contexts we designed a machine-readable format as well as two prototypes of a human readable format that can be automatically derived from the machine-readable format. Figure 1 shows the relationship between the machine-readable and the two prototype human readable formats. One of the prototypes is an interactive dashboard that can be used to aggregate, filter and inspect validation events. The other prototype is a translator to the popular markdown format which can be processed into other well know formats such as html, pdf and word. Both are publicly available and open source to encourage ...

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