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Lab Graph for Cre Proof

Lab Graph for Cre Proof

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This study was undertaken to better understand the enzymatic activity of DNA recombinases, specifically CRE-lox recombinase reactions. To model this enzyme activity, a simulation through the topological modeling program KnotPlotTM and the BFACF algorithm was used to study recombination on all knots with up to seven crossings. The data collected fro...

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... control and the Cre+Nicking reaction with GelRed were loaded side-by-side into a gel and electrophoresis was run to analyze the effect of GelRed on Cre recombination. Looking at figure 3, the Cre reaction with GelRed in the tube is in lane 19, the Cre reaction without GelRed in the tube is in lanes 7 and 20. In lanes 7 and 20, there is band defined a little bit under "1" marker on the right, suggesting the presence of visible knotted DNA there; however, in lane 19, there is no band, suggesting that the knot is more supercoiled due to the GelRed. ...
Context 2
... however, means that our DNA will be affected by GelRed for the second Cre reaction. Even though the Cre reaction worked with the DNA affected by GelRed, figure 3 shows that the GelRed band is still slightly lower. A second reaction may magnify this difference. ...