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LX Double Diamond by Academic Tribe (2016) 

LX Double Diamond by Academic Tribe (2016) 

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The learning and teaching innovation initiative (LTi) is a university wide initiative designed to create a process for enhancing programs in the current higher educational landscape. The LTi has emerged from the need to look at program wide enhancement as a way to ensure programs as a whole are relevant to the needs of students, industry and the hi...

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... workshops were based on the double diamond model as originally set out by the Design Council in the UK. This was adapted for the purpose of designing learning experiences (Fig. 1). The LX Double Diamond describes the design process as a journey of diverging and converging phases (Design Council, 2007). In the discover phase needs are identified and ideas facilitated. In the define phase work focuses on the critical issues and priorities are determined. The third phase is develop. Here design-led responses are ...