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Job recommendation for students

Job recommendation for students

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This paper proposes and highlights the need of an online job board system for colleges and its effectiveness in bridging the gap between college students and career opportunities. Traditionally, employment websites have been used in HR management for finding candidates and in recruitment. This work is based on a job portal built for one of the lead...


... Job seekers/job hunters actively hunt for employment to work at. Advocated by [6], "The seeker needs a mental or physical effort to work". The known process of a seeker to search or apply for a job is to submit a resume to the employers, then employers provide available and suitable positions. ...
... The sequences are time-consuming and require the tedious involvement of multiple personnel to complete. Firstly, the company's human resources department used email-based announcements and application collection [4] from the company email system. Each application consists of a resume and all the related documents that the company wants. ...
... However, hiring candidates for a job is relatively slow, full of stress, and ineffective. In addition, this method would have significant issues like the emails being unnoticed by many, and campus departments must send resumes separately in response to each job offer [4]. ...
... V. Yadav, U. Gewali, S. Khatri, S. R. Rauniyar and A. Shakya [1], This paper suggests and discusses the need for colleges to have an online job board program and its usefulness in bridging the gap between college students and employment opportunity. Job platforms have historically been used in HR management to find applicants and in recruiting. ...
... This paper is an extension of work originally presented in a conference, Artificial Intelligence for Transforming Business and Society (AITB), 2019 [1]. It contains an extensive explanation of the system using various diagrams. ...
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This paper highlights the importance of on-campus online job recruitment system and its role in helping students grab the available job opportunities. It highlights the problems associated with the traditional way of hiring, especially for college students. It also presents some findings and results obtained through various surveys conducted within the campus before and after the deployment of this system. The work presented in this paper is based on an e-recruitment system built for one of the leading engineering institute in Nepal, Pulchowk campus. With some features like job recommendation based on various levels of skill, smart multi-criteria search, graduate tracking, this system proves to be useful for all i.e. companies, students and the campus as well. Link to download full text (for free):
The present educated age utilizes web for everything right from requesting food to getting recruited. In reality, lackey competitors depend much more on web than some other source like paper or systems administration. In this paper, we attempt to address the gap between recruiter and service provider. This is done by taking into consideration the details provided by both, the service provider and the recruiter. There are lots of platforms for educated candidates but there is no any platform for skilled workers for day today needs. In this way we came to the conclusion that there is drastic need to build a platform which can create direct connection between recruiter and workers so we create a platform named as "Connect-India". The sole purpose of this application is to improve the employment ratio. The features of this application is it provide user friendly interface, chat facility, GPS location tracker and rating facility.
The study aims to predict the Perceived Work Performance of Management graduates through the application of Artificial Neural Network tool. It has examined the relationship between Emotional Quotient, Leadership Quotient and Work Experience of Management graduates through the use of Artificial Neural Network. The tool tested various competencies of the management graduates to predict the most important skill that can enable better work performance and reduce the gap of employability. The test was conducted among 33 management graduates which has assessed their Emotional Quotient Score, Personality trait and Leadership traits. A multilayer Artificial Neural Network tool was used to test the rank of competencies among EQ, Leadership Quality and work experience for the Perceived Work performance. The study has confirmed that Emotional Intelligence is a key factor that has distinguished from other factors like work experience, leadership quality and personality traits for Work Performance.
Organizations get a large number of resumes for each job opening, and they employ resume or archive screeners to select the competent and exceptional applicants. However, resume screening is an important and time-consuming element of the decision-making process. While screening resumes, there are various factors to examine, such as the candidate’s abilities, job experience, designation, and degree. To the degree that business is reviewed, selecting the best candidate for the enrollment cycle from a large pool of candidates has been a significant challenge. As a decision-making tool, this research work assists the screeners in effectively shortlisting the resumes. This system mines resume striking highlights of applicant profiles like personal details, skills, experience in every expertise, training subtleties, and past experience by utilizing Natural Language Processing (NLP). The proposed system gives a specialized labor force to the association, which will assist any department by selecting the correct candidate for the specific occupation profile. The proposed project works on a dynamic format of resumes. The competitor resumes are then contrasted with the expected set of responsibilities posted by the organization or the enrollment specialists by utilizing wise strategies. Scores would then be given to the resumes, and they can be positioned in a descending order. This positioning is made available exclusively to the company or recruiter on their portal to assist them in selecting the best candidate from a large pool of up-and-comers.KeywordsNLPResume extractionRegular expressionPattern searchNLTKSpacyTokenizationLemmatization