IoT device statistics between 2015-2025

IoT device statistics between 2015-2025

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p> The wireless communication is making it easier for smart devices to communicate with one another in terms of the network of the Internet of Things. Smart devices are automatically linked and built up a network on their own. But there are more obstacles to safe access within the network itself. Mobile devices such as smart home automation access...

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... is expected that by 2025, the development of the internet of smart devices connected exponentially with 75 billion smart devices (Statista, 2020). This development will not depend on mankind's population but the reality that units we utilize consistently (See figure 1 for statistics between 2015-2025) (Statista, 2020). ...
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... 4 shows the comparisons between existing and proposed algorithms. Figure 11 shows the comparative analysis of existing and proposed algorithms. The experiment was conducted using the smart device with proposed algorithm implementation and another existing algorithm was installed on the same configuration devices. ...
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... notice the performance of the proposed algorithm was better than all existing algorithms. Figure 12 shows the performance analysis of the algorithms. In the future, this algorithm may be integrated with Wi-Fi Direct protocol and implement it on smart devices. ...

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