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Infrastructure available for disaster preparedness

Infrastructure available for disaster preparedness

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Disaster management in recent years experienced a paradigm shift from the disaster response to disaster preparedness approach. Assessment of sustainability in this aspect became contextual especially for slow onset disasters, those makes a region more vulnerable promoting an event to become disaster. The coastal zones seek maximum attention of bein...

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... both Mousuni and Ghoramara islands are devoid of these infrastructural developments. While the former one is having two solar power stations and two under construction flood houses, Ghoramara has nothing ( Table 1). ...
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... 84.8% households of Sagar is having proper road connections including 11.8% blacktopped 1.9% RCC and 71.1% brick roads, on the other hand none of the other islands are having any black topped or RCC roads. However, the Mousuni and Ghoramara is having 86.8% and 90.9% brick road connectivity to its households (Table 1). ...