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India's top 3 Imports & Exports partners

India's top 3 Imports & Exports partners

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... I, Issue I Figure 4 highlights the relative position of China as one of the important trade partners of India. Given the total imports of India, imports from China accounted for over 14 ...
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... frequency for all the respondents, following general areas, a higher proportion of the people (n= 501, 83%) logged in with excessive levels of stress, the high levels of Vol. I, Issue I anxiety were found in 73% (n=437) of the people, while 36% (n=216) of the respondents revealed that they suffered from depressive symptoms as can be seen in fig. 4. Mass fear of Covid-19, termed as "Coronaphobia", has engendered a surfeit of psychiatric manifestations across the different spheres of society. 1 The forced quarantine, nationwide lockdowns, and chances of being infected by SARS-CoV-2 can produce acute panic anxiety, obsessive behaviours, depression, and posttraumatic stress disorder ...