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Illustration of mould burnout process

Illustration of mould burnout process

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AA7075 matrix bimetal composites reinforced with 304 stainless steel (SS) were manufactured by melt infiltration casting technique. A preform, made by assembling 304 SS shavings under 220 MPa pressure, was infiltrated by molten AA7075 alloy under vacuum atmosphere during this process. The preform was preheated for 10 min before infiltration to avoi...

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... mould was gradually heated up to 700˚C700˚C. Burnout regime of the mould was given in Fig. 1. The preform was placed in the mould 10 min before casting. This preheating process inhibited rapid solidification of molten AA7075 alloy owing to increased time for solid/liquid interaction between 304 SS and AA7075 alloys. The mould with the preform inside was placed in a vacuum chamber. Molten AA7075 alloy was cast into the mould ...

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The fluidity of A356 aluminum alloy was experimentally determined at the melt temperatures and vacuum degrees by a series of suction fluidity tests. In order to achieve different cooling rates during the test, quartz tubes, as well as stainless steel tubes, were employed as the fluidity channels. As the melt temperature increased from 650 to 730 ∘C...