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... The second step is replacing the ball B(x 0 , r) by the subdomain ω. The used technique is the propagation of smallness, i.e constructing a sequence of balls chained along the curve (see Figure 1). • The last step is covering Ω by dividing Ω into two parts: The interior Ω 0 which can be covered by balls being strictly inside Ω and the neighbourhood of ∂Ω (see Figure 2). ...

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The reconstruction of event-level information, such as the direction or energy of a neutrino interacting in IceCube DeepCore, is a crucial ingredient to many physics analyses. Algorithms to extract this high level information from the detector's raw data have been successfully developed and used for high energy events. In this work, we address uniq...
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Ce papier résout le problème de super-résolution à partir de plusieurs images IRM. Le problème de reconstruction est formulé comme une approximation multilinéaire tensorielle couplée. Nos résultats théoriques prouvent qu'il est possible de reconstruire exactement l'image à haute résolution. Nous proposons également un algorithme simple basé sur une...