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ISO and MaCh3D specimens used for experimental campaign.

ISO and MaCh3D specimens used for experimental campaign.

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This work deals with the experimental validation of the proposed specimens geometries which design process through Finite Element Method was presented during AIAS 2019 and published afterwards [1]. In particular, non-conventional miniaturized specimen geometry compliant to ASTM E8 and ISO 6892, specifically developed to work with MaCh3D [2], an inn...

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... different amount of cold work for different thicknesses due to metal rolling, is known to determine different mechanical properties in the material [11][12][13] and in particular an increase in mechanical tensile strength and decrease in ductility. For this reason, for each sheet thickness, ISO 6892 [14] standard samples, were produced: validation has been carried out between ISO and MaCh3D geometries for a given sheet thickness; the specimens used are depicted in Figure 2. Crosshead speed was determined according to ISO 6892 Method A2 which involves the control of the estimated strain rate over the parallel length for open loop systems (e.g. ...