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1 IDF Regions and Global Projections for Number of People with Diabetes (20-79 years), 2010-2030 (Picture courtesy of IDF Diabetes Atlas [2]

1 IDF Regions and Global Projections for Number of People with Diabetes (20-79 years), 2010-2030 (Picture courtesy of IDF Diabetes Atlas [2]

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Previously, many researches had been done on non-invasive using near-infrared sensing. Sia had investigated near-infrared sensing using signal penetrating finger method. However, by using finger penetration, there are no results obtained. He only obtained signal using glucose concentration. Therefore the objectives of this research are to investiga...

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Annual deaths in the U.S. attributed to diabetes are expected to increase from 280,210 in 2015 to 385,840 in 2030. The increase in the number of people affected by diabetes has made it one of the major public health challenges around the world. Better management of diabetes has the potential to decrease yearly medical costs and deaths associated wi...


... It is well known as Infrared spectroscopy (IR spectroscopy) or vibration spectroscopy where radiation of infrared type are incident on the matter [63], [64]. Various types of IR spectroscopy is shown in Fig. 13. ...
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Diabetes is a chronicle disease where the body of a human is irregular to dissolve the blood glucose properly. The diabetes is due to lack of insulin in human body. The continuous monitoring of blood glucose is main important aspect for health care. Most of the successful glucose monitoring devices is based on methodology of pricking of blood. However, such kind of approach may not be advisable for frequent measurement. The paper presents the extensive review of glucose measurement techniques. The paper covers various non-invasive glucose methods and its control with smart healthcare technology. To fulfill the imperatives for non-invasive blood glucose monitoring system, there is a need to configure an accurate measurement device. Noninvasive glucose-level monitoring device for clinical test overcomes the problem of frequent pricking for blood samples. There is requirement to develop the Internet-Medical-Things (IoMT) integrated Healthcare Cyber-Physical System (H-CPS) based Smart Healthcare framework for glucose measurement with purpose of continuous health monitoring. The paper also covers selective consumer products along with selected state of art glucose measurement approaches. The paper has also listed several challenges and open problems for glucose measurement.