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Hitler swarm as a form

Hitler swarm as a form

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This paper aims to show how a sociological description – a swarm analysis of the Nazi dictatorship – initially made with the means borrowed from George Spencer-Brown’s Calculus of Indications, can be transformed into a digital circuit and with which methods and tools of digital mathematics this digital circuit can be analyzed and described in its b...

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... Baecker (2013), a sociological description of the Nazi dictatorship was presented by means of swarm analysis, in two symbolic forms: first, through extensive verbal description and second, as a visual diagram, using Spencer-Brown's Calculus of Indications (Spencer- Brown, 1972). Figure 6 shows the second symbolic interpretation of the Nazi dictatorship, in which the conceptual words chosen for historical-sociological observation were arranged as variables according to rules taken from the Calculus of Indications in such a way that for an observer familiar with the Calculus of Indications, references become visible that in classical notation could only be communicated with great effort and in an unclear manner. ...
Context 2
... symbolic form, shown in Figure 6, is analyzed below using methods of digital mathematics: the Boolean Differential Calculus, automata theory and the software XBOOLE. ...
Context 3
... following thought experiment will clarify this. In the form shown in Figure 6, conceptual words chosen for the historical-sociological swarm analysis of the Nazi dictatorship have been arranged in such a way that different observation perspectives of relevant distinctions can be communicated. If, while retaining the structure of the form, the conceptual words terror, n 6 1, loyalty, mass media, social work and war economy were replaced by infection risk, incidence, trust, mass media, intensive care and vaccine development, the form could be interpreted as a description of an observation of the COVID-19 pandemic. ...
Context 4
... used in sociology such as the Hitler swarm from Figure 6 or the system definition in Figure 1 or Figure 22, describe and communicate the different observation perspectives of relevant distinctions of the respective sociological question. In doing so, they use rules derived from the Calculus of Indications to make references visible that could be communicated in the classical notation in the medium of natural language albeit more obscurely and with greater effort. ...