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Heatmap of completed 1-bank passes; defence (left), forwards (right).

Heatmap of completed 1-bank passes; defence (left), forwards (right).

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The implementation of a puck and player tracking (PPT) system in the National Hockey League (NHL) provides significant opportunities to utilize high-resolution spatial and temporal data for advanced hockey analytics. In this paper, we develop a technique to classify pass types in the tracking data as either Direct, 1-bank, or Rim passes. We also ad...

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... manually inspecting a significant number of these unclassified passes, we believe that most are either mislabeled as passes or consist of edge-cases that are difficult to identify (e.g., inaccurate timestamps resulting in odd changes in trajectory by a player). Figure 4 compares the paths of completed 1-bank passes made by defence (left) and forwards (right). Darker green represents more 1-bank passes in that region. ...