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GrEta car 

GrEta car 

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GrEta is an innovative simulation project, what was constructed in Szabó-Szoba R&D Laboratory at Széchenyi University Győr, for modelling the nature of flexible production processes. It is one of the best ways to demonstrate the most commonly occurring logistics phenomena in series of mass production on the learning-by-doing way. As the latest deve...

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... GrEta car is a self-developed, non-official LEGO product, based on our intention to construct a relatively simp le model, which can be built up differently and in totally flexib le ways (Figure 1). The result is GrEta (E is a cap ital letter which represents Eta - efficiency or effectivity). ...
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... to improve capacity utilization? Ho w to fit different processes following each other on the best way? (Baladincz et al., 2012). ...