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Google's definition of SECRETARY.

Google's definition of SECRETARY.

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Since any language cannot but mirror its speech community’s ideology, lexicographers cannot but record how that ideology is reflected in language usage (Iamartino 2020, pp. 37-38). Particularly relevant in this sense are all those entries which belong to sensitive issues in a given society: political and social ideas, religion, ethnicity, sex, and...

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... mentioned in the Introduction, because of OUP's partnerships with leading search engines and operating systems, each definition and each associated primary example are spread across all the platforms "powered by Oxford". For example, due to its partnership with Google, search operators like "define secretary" or "secretary definition" or "what does secretary mean" in Google's bar bring up and cite Oxford definition first, because Google's English dictionary is powered by Oxford (Oxford Languages, online), as illustrated in Figure 2. Given the influence of the Internet on dictionary consulting, since most users tend to 'google' their language issues in this digital age (Béjoint 2016;Jackson 2017), OUP has an overwhelming default advantage over other dictionary publishers (Ferrett, Dollinger 2020). ...