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FlowVisor Data Flow Diagram.

FlowVisor Data Flow Diagram.

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Today’s mobile and wireless network are growing faster in size and complex to measure the services. Security is one of the most important aspects for such complex network and needs to be monitored properly to provide early detection of security breaches and Denial of Service attack. Tools that measure such detection of network threats and monitors...

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... is architecturally a neutral transparent proxy and makes no assumption about the functions and operations of the switches and controllers. FlowVisor sits between each of the controllers and switches making sure that the guest controller has full accessibility of the switches maintaining the flows that define the corresponding slice. The DFD in Fig. 3 represents data flow between OpenFlow enabled switches and controllers where messages are intercepted through ...


... 3 sFlow sFlow helps to monitor the network, that develops various ways of handling the traffic flows, and to improve the performance of the network which consist of switches and routers. sFlow [12] is an open-source sampling tool used for measuring the traffic which is compatible with OpenFlow network. It consists of sFlow agents and collector. ...