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Five-point stencil.

Five-point stencil.

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Airaksinen, Tuomas Numerical methods for acoustics and noise control Jyväskylä: University of Jyväskylä, 2010, 58 p.(+included articles) (Jyväskylä Studies in Computing ISSN 1456-5390; 120) ISBN 978-951-39-4031-7 Finnish summary Diss. This dissertation considers numerical methods for wave propagation modelling and noise control. The first part of t...

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... two-and three-dimensional domains, a stencil notation is useful in the discretization of partial differential equations. For example, if a square grid is used in two dimensions, the five-point stencil of a point is made up of the point itself and four neighboring nodes (see Figure 3). The five-point stencil for the two-dimensional Helmholtz operator Ap = −∂ 2 x p − ∂ 2 y p − k 2 p is given by the following notation: ...