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... as a result of this lack of capital, small and medium-sized enterprises are losing competitiveness, as may be appreciated in Figure 4. ...

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In this paper we explore the different types of singularities that arise in the ΛCDM model when dissipative processes are considered, in the framework of the Eckart’s theory. In particular, we study the late-time behavior of ΛCDM model with viscous cold dark matter (CDM) and an early-time viscous radiation domination era with cosmological constant...


This paper reviews the empirical evidence on the critical factors impinging on the success or failure of enterprise development policies in Latin America. Guidelines are proposed to integrate novel initiatives into a coherent strategy for entrepreneurship development. The proposed approach encompasses four building-blocks: incubators, entrepreneur development, business development services, and incentive mechanisms to promote cooperative behavior. The notion that entrepreneurial development is one of the key links in the transmission mechanisms between the conception stage and the implementation phase of competitiveness policies is stressed.