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Factor loadings plot Factor 1 vs. Factor 2

Factor loadings plot Factor 1 vs. Factor 2

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The aim of the present study is the effective application of chemometric approach to the elemental composition of a data set of ten ethereal oil plant materials. The contents of 28 essential and toxic mineral elements at main, minor and trace level are determined in each sample by means of direct solid sampling electrothermal vapourization inductiv...

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... the effect of five soil quality patterns on the plant objects. This data structure is additionally verified by the PCA, where five latent factors appear to be responsible for it. These five latent factors explain over 85% of the total variance. The separation of the factors is well indicated. The plane projection for the first two latent factors (Fig. 3) confirms in general the results from hierarchical and non-hierarchical clustering of the plant objects. Some minor differences are negligible since this plot gives the projection of only two latent ...