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Examples DKSi [mol-%] EDB [mol-%] DPI [mol-%] Δ R H [kJ/mol] t hmax [min]

Examples DKSi [mol-%] EDB [mol-%] DPI [mol-%] Δ R H [kJ/mol] t hmax [min]

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The present invention relates to a dental composition comprising a specific polymerization initiator system comprising a compound having an acylsilyl- or acylgermanyl-group. The present invention also relates the use of the compound having an acylsilyl- or acylgermanyl-group for the preparation of a dental composition.

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... the polymerization enthalpies of these compositions were measured with the differential scanning calorimeter DSC 7 from Perkin Elmer. The results of these measurements are summarized in Table 2 below. 1490 mmol) ethyldimethylaminobenzoate (EDB) and 0.0017 g (0.0079 mmol) 2,6-di-tert-butyl-p-cresol were mixed homogeneously. ...