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Example of increasing AEB brake demand during open-loop operation

Example of increasing AEB brake demand during open-loop operation

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In London, around two-thirds of those killed in collisions involving a bus are pedestrians and most of these are killed crossing the road. The time between the pedestrian first being recognisable as a threat and the moment of impact is usually less than 2 seconds. Human drivers have very limited opportunity to avoid the collision. Automated Emergen...

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... from the manufacturer indicated that this was a result of running the AEB system in an "open loop" mode such that no actual braking took place. For example, Figure 7 shows one event where the AEB system initially demanded a deceleration of 4m/s². The system will check in the next instant and detect that no actual braking had occurred and that the vehicle was now closer to the hazard such that a higher level of deceleration is required to avoid a collision. ...

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