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Evolution of top-cited patents and scientific publications by top economies and regions

Evolution of top-cited patents and scientific publications by top economies and regions

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In this paper we exploit a unique and rich dataset of patent applications and scientific publications in order to answer several questions concerned with two current phenomena on the way knowledge is produced and shared worldwide: its geographical spread at the international level and its spatial concentration in few worldwide geographical hotspots...

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... Publications Region (country) 1970-1979 1980-1989 1990-1999 2000-2004 2005-2009 2010-2014 2015-2017 2000-2004 2005-2009 2010-2014 2015 Figures for highly-cited patents and scientific publications exhibit a similar geographical pattern as that for all items, but with a greater and more resilient concentration in the U.S., and a more rapid declines of European and Japanese shares ( Figure 6). China stands out for its particularly rapid ascent, compared to other countries in the rest of the world. ...

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