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Einsetzen (insert) exercise with cloze text example.

Einsetzen (insert) exercise with cloze text example.

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Obviously, reading and writing are important qualities nowadays, likely more so than ever before. Whether that be in school, work or everyday life, it is a skill set that is omnipresent. This is also evident by the countless contributions that are created and published on various online platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or WhatsApp. In o...

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... sentences can be displayed at once for this exercise. Depending on the settings, which can be managed by an administrator, or a teacher with rights to edit the exercise settings, there is also a tooltip for every gap (see Figure 1). ...


... Results of the feedback on the two different difficulty levels[8] ...
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This paper shows how Learning Analytic Methods are combined with German orthography in the IDeRBlog-project ( After a short introduction to the core of the platform – the intelligent dictionary – we focus on the presentation and evaluation of a new training format. The aim of this format is, that pupils can train misspelled words individually in a motivating and didactic meaningful setting. As a usability test was run with twenty one third graders, we are able to present the results of this evaluation.