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In this article, using a computer program - electronic spreadsheet, a transport task is solved. One of the advantages of algorithmic tasks is that it can be solved by software that significantly extends their practical application related to data processing and execution of numerous computational operations.

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Most statistical classifiers are designed to find patterns in data where numbers fit into rows and columns, like in a spreadsheet, but many kinds of data do not conform to this structure. To uncover patterns in non-conforming data, we describe an approach for modifying established statistical classifiers to handle non-conforming data, which we call...


... 1. According to experimental statistical models of f cm1 , f cm28 , E pr1 (see Table 4) using the methods of mathematical optimization [25], find the values of factors (consumptions of cement and slag, and superplasticizer content) that provide required indicators and satisfying the condition that the total cost of these components is minimal (Table 6). For calculations purposes, the following cost of components was assumed: cement-88 EUR/t, ground blast-furnace slag-27 EUR/t, superplasticizer-2.85 ...
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Ground blast-furnace slag is one of the waste products available in Ukraine and other countries. It is obtained at metallurgical enterprises in huge quantities and can be efficiently used for concrete production. The article is devoted to obtaining experimental-statistical models of the influence of technological factors that determine the composition of self-compacting concrete (SCC) based on ground blast-furnace slag and polycarboxylate superplasticizer on compressive strength, tensile strength, prismatic strength, elastic modulus and crack resistance. Analysis of the investigated factors’ influence on the specified SCC properties is carried out and positive influence of blast-furnace slag and superplasticizer simultaneous action on durability and deformation characteristics is studied. A design method of SCC composition design using the obtained mathematical models is developed. It allows for the consideration of a set of necessary parameters simultaneously. A numerical example is given.