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... Data acquisition was performed using an accelerometer and "Arduino Nano technology". In 2018, in [7] the industrial alignment analysis is presented, developing a system through the use of inductive sensors connected to an Arduino Nano, sending the information through Bluetooth to a computer, which through the use of the graphical interface of Matlab R (GUI) processes and analyzes the information collected. In the work presented in [8], the design of an acceleration measurement device is proposed using the Arduino system and an ADXL-345 accelerometer sending the information through the WIFI connection to be displayed online by using the ThingsPeak software. ...
In the present work, the technological development of a low-cost acquisition device is proposed that allows the simultaneous measurement of vibration amplitude in acceleration and the temperature variable, and that through Bluetooth communication, the parameters are acquired by a cellphone. The data stored in the mobile device will be used for the development and/or improvement of predictive maintenance plans in medium and small companies, whose internal budget does not allow the acquisition of specialized vibration equipment. Finally, the developed App makes it easier for maintenance personnel with minimal knowledge of vibration analysis and thermography to acquire and analyze data insitu and/or offline, using 2D graphing