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Detected chemical compounds in Absinthe.

Detected chemical compounds in Absinthe.

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Absinthe" a strong aromatic green coloured alcoholic beverage with addictive, psychotropic and hallucinogenic properties has been the most popular and intriguing intoxicant since 19 th century. Owing to its apparent illusive perception it was named "la fe′e verte" a French word means "the green fairy". It was condemned for inducing insane and crimi...

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... Chromotropic acid test for Methanol-Negative. The ethanol was detected in samples by chemical analysis and its percentage proof and % alcohol (V/V) were estimated at 85.09 and 46.90 by speciicgravitymethod.Fivechemicalcompounds detected by GC-MS technique are summarised in Table 1 and the resulting total ion chromatogram (TIC) is depicted in Fig. 3. Deepak Middha, Archna Negi / Time to Regulate Hazardous Flavouring Additives in Reintroduced "Absinthe-Green Fairy" ...
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... chemical compounds were detected in representative sample by GC-MS technique as summarised in Table 1 and its TIC is depicted in Fig. 3. Some of these detected chemical compounds are derived from plant origin while some are synthetic. These are categorised as under: ...