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Customer equity dimension (Lemon et al, 2001)

Customer equity dimension (Lemon et al, 2001)

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Brand communication and customer equity are two important concepts in the field of online stores and businesses and considered as criteria for marketing success. The purpose of this study is to investigate the effect of brand communication on customer equity in online stores. In this research, the role of brand knowledge and word-of-mouth advertisi...

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... equity drivers are the value equity, brand equity and relationship equity ( Figure 1) that affects customers' attitudes ( Lemon et al, 2001). Organizations should focus their marketing efforts on improving the value equity, brand equity and relationship equity, and at each stage of the customer relationship development process, select the most relevant customer equity dimension ( Rust et al, 2004). ...
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... and Kim (2011) argue that brand communication iscreated when submitted an idea and image of a product or service, so that distinctions are identified and recognized by many customers. Advertising professionals use brand communication not only to create brand recognition, but also to create brand reputation (Sahin et al, 2012). Azize et al. (2012) argued that brand communication could be one-way (indirect) or two-way communication (direct and one to one). ...
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... purpose of this type communication is to inform brand in order to improve attitudes (such as brand satisfaction and trust) and the impact on the buy behavior (such as brand selection).two-way or direct communication focuses more on current customer behavior (Mahdieh et al, 2016). Ansari and Nasabi (2013) conducted a research entitled "Creating brand equity through mixed advertising: the mediating role of knowledge, loyalty and brand communication". ...