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Cross-sectional anatomy demonstrating the deep spaces of the hand.

Cross-sectional anatomy demonstrating the deep spaces of the hand.

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... was not until the mid-1900s, under the study of Dr Allen Kanavel, that the compartments within the hand were well understood. Today, deep-space infections comprise 5% to 15% of all hand infections. 1 These spaces include the interdigital web space and dorsal subaponeurotic, hypothenar, midpalmar, and thenar spaces (Fig 2). The interdigital web space comprises the palmar aponeurosis and overlying fat/skin. ...


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Introduction Collar-button abscesses are deep space infections of the hand. Case presentation We present a case of a 66-year-old man who developed an acute collar-button abscess of the hand after a concrete bench fell onto the dorsal aspect of his hand. The hand abscess was managed successfully with intravenous antibiotics and operative intervention. Discussion While such infections comprise a small percentage of hand infections, insufficient or delayed treatment results in permanent hand disfiguration and dysfunction. This case highlights an uncommon dorsal-to-volar pattern of hand abscess extension. Conclusion Knowledge of the anatomy of the hand is essential to diagnosis and appropriate surgical management.