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Copulations by adult male (ADM) proboscis monkeys observed at LBPMS

Copulations by adult male (ADM) proboscis monkeys observed at LBPMS

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In proboscis monkeys, sexual behavior between an adult male and adult female culminates to mounting and copulation. Sexual activity is initiated by the adult male. To solicit copulation, the adult female would stare at the adult male, shake her head or display facial expressions such face pouting, lip pursing and nose twitching. If receptive, the a...

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... mating was observed during high tide (> 1 m) as the forest floor is completely submerged and the proboscis monkeys have to stay on branches of mangrove trees. The sexual behaviour of six alpha males was monitored (Tables 1 and 2). Copulations took place on mangrove trees (15 observations), on feeding platforms (six observations) and on the forest floor (three observations). ...
Context 2
... total of 18 bouts were recorded in Zone A with eight bouts performed by ADM 2 and 10 by ADM 3. For the Guinness Book of Records, ADM 3 mounted three different ADF in succession on 14 May 2009 from 14:52 16:07 h (Table 1). Was he truly the super stud that afternoon or he obliged three ADF in heat? ...