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'Cone of learning' by Edgar Dale (1969)

'Cone of learning' by Edgar Dale (1969)

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In this paper we reflect on research projects examining the broad and structural adaption of web lectures and e-learning within Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. In particular the ‘University 2.0’ research programme (2012-2013) of The Hague University of Applied Sciences in which we researched the innovative possibilities of the st...

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... realising some form of Confucian or learning progress as showed in figure 1 Gorissen (2006), citing Simons, distinguishes 7 pillars of digital didactics: establish relationships, creation, carrying out, making it transparent, learning to learn, centralizing skills / competences and flexibility. Despite the fact not all pillars are applicable on web lecturers, this notion creates insights in designing e-learning environments with amongst others web lectures. ...

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The purpose of the study was to specify the framework of transferable skills (generic skillis) used by the authors.