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Combined GAP of Core assets and AHP Score

Combined GAP of Core assets and AHP Score

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has not only a great influence on data protection but also on the area of information security especially with regard to Article 32. This article emphasizes the importance of having a process to regularly test, assess and evaluate the security. The measuring of information security however, involves overcom...

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... define a factor of equal importance regarding the CIA triad of all four core assets as a proportion percentage of 25% each. Consequently, we can conduct pairwise comparisons related to the proportion gaps in our data, which are then normalized based on the AHP preference score i.e. equal importance (AHP score: 1) is expressed by tiny differences in proportion to percentage of smaller than 2.77%, while the highest order of relative importance (AHP score: 9) means a difference of 25% in proportion to percentage (see table 3b). ...
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... the priorization of asset classes table 9 shows a pairwise comparison of the core assets from one eCommerce company. The deviation is then Table 8: Distribution of Assets transformed into the AHP scores with the help of the intervals from the GAP of core assets (see table 3b). It is clear that the biggest difference lies between the web server and the CRM system (11.7%) and the smallest difference between the CRM system and the database server (0.7%). ...

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