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Colour modified Petunia from China (BBC, 2002). 

Colour modified Petunia from China (BBC, 2002). 

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Inventory on the potential import of non-authorized genetically modified ornamentals in the Netherlands RIVM Letter Report 300003004/2014 J.W.A. Scheepmaker

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... China at least one GM Petunia variety appears to be on the market. In China GM organisms need to be registrated. The Biosafety Clearing House of China (BCH_CHINA) however does not provide information on petunias. One Petunia is approved for cultivation in 1998 although an official document is not available according to ISAAA (ISAAA), (Gale et al., 2001). Details on its modification are not available but there is indirect evidence that it concerns a reddish colour modification (Figure 1). In the USA Petunia is non-regulated. It is unclear whether GM Petunia is currently available on the USA market and what the new traits would be. In the Netherlands, many different Petunia varieties are on the market. Introduction of a new variety only stands out against all others when it is different from colour or a new trait such a drought or cold resistance. Import from China of all cut flowers is quite low with 115.000 US$ (*1000) (ITC). Thus, the import of bedding plants might even be lower. Exact data are, however, not available. Import of seed packages of red Shock WaveTM Petunia from the USA, on the other hand, is relatively easy. It is however not known if red Shock WaveTM Petunia is genetically modified. In principle, some new characteristics can be achieved through genetic modification as well as through conventional breeding. The red Shock WaveTM petunias sold by Park Seed is a good example as the colour red does not occur naturally in petunias except in Petunia exserta (Griesbach et al., 1999). This species is very rare and only occurs in the Serra do Sudeste region in the extreme south of Brazil and is not brought into cultivation. Apart from being red, this red Shock WaveTM Petunia is claimed to be disease resistant, heat tolerant and pest resistant. The question arises how these new traits have ...
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... and use) Florigene®MoonvelvetTM Dianthus Modified flower colour Florigene/ Malaysia (CERA) (IFD-26407-2) caryophyllus & tolerance to ALS Suntory (import and inhibiting herbicides use) chlorsulfuron and sulfonylurea No commercial name Petunia Unknown, probably a Peking China (ISAAA) Event name Petunia-CHS hybrida modification of colour University no commercial name Rosa x Modified colour Florigene/ Japan (BCH) IFD-52901-9 hybrida Suntory (cultivation and use) Colombia (cultivation) Suntory blue rose Applause Rosa x Modified colour Florigene/ Japan (BCH) IFD-52401-4 hybrida Suntory (cultivation and use) Colombia (cultivation) Australia (OGTR) (OGTR, 2009) 1: This site is not very accurate and any authorizations mentioned may have been removed from the market. Authorization of this Petunia is mentioned in several publications, grey literature and the press (IPS-Vlaanderen, 2013). According to the BBC (2002) it concerns a colour modified Petunia (Figure ...