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Causes of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalisations 

Causes of alcohol-related deaths and hospitalisations 

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This guide was developed to assist specialist and generalist clinicians to assess and respond to the needs of older people experiencing, or at risk of experiencing, alcohol- and other drug-(AOD) related harm. Longer life expectancy, more people living longer, and different expectations of current and future generations of older people will increase...

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... caused by alcohol also increase with age and peak among those aged 40-49 (National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction, 2013c) (see Figure 9). Falls, supraventricular cardiac dysrhythmias and alcohol dependence were the major causes of alcohol- related hospitalisation among Australians aged 65-74 between 1994-2003(Chikritzhs & Pascal, 2005) (see Table 1). ...
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... Australians aged 65-74 years living in non-metropolitan areas are more likely to die from alcohol- attributable conditions than city dwellers. Alcoholic liver cirrhosis and haemorrhagic stroke are the major causes of death among this age group (Chikritzhs & Pascal, 2005) (see Table 1). ...